SWG STUDIO, is a multi-disciplinary design focused studio of the partners Santoso Budiman and Greg Royce in Melbourne. Their studio was founded in the late 2009 to form a committed team with the passion and desire to be a studio that offers dynamic professional services in architecture, interior and design. This ranges from private residential, which is predominantly associated with heritage overlay as well as new build to multi-residential development and commercial projects, this includes hospitality, retail and office interior fitouts projects.

As the Creative Director for the studio and trained as an architect, Santoso is involved in every project from the start to the final stage. Using his attention to detail while working on each project, he finds a unique set of conditions that can be enhanced, embodied and extended through a process of design that achieves the best possible outcome.

Before partnering SWG STUDIO, while in the workplace at Lovell Chen Architects and Heritage Consulting Company, Santoso was heavily involved in a wide range of projects that included private residential, institutional and commercial projects. There was particular focus on heritage listed public buildings for major institutions such as Melbourne University and RMIT.

In late 2011, he was asked to assist with Lovell Chen Architects new office fit out at their new premises.

Santoso prides himself on being a hard working creative and innovative individual and is always willing to explore new ideas in the design field from architecture to art.

With his passion for art, Santoso also began a career in fine arts in 2003 and was represented by a gallery in Auckland which sold a number of his works. He has also had solo and group exhibitions and has sold his work in Melbourne since then.




With big passion for architecture since he ever can remember, Greg started doing his own projects in property development 30 years ago. This included single dwellings as well as multi residential projects. He has worked together with architects as their clients for his projects in the past and always had a big interest in partnering a design consulting firm in architecture and interior one day.

Greg didn’t waste any time when the opportunity arose. At his current position as the Studio Director and a mentor at SWG STUDIO and also with his broad involvement in every project, he shares his knowledge with our clients through his past experience in a more practical approach from the early design stage to the final delivery.

With his love of contemporary architecture and art, he gained his education through travel, such as visiting renowned international contemporary architecture by famous international architects. For instance the Guggenheim in Bilbao, MAXXI in Rome, UNESCO Meditation space and Parc de la Villette in Paris and others.

He always strives to learn new things and gain knowledge either in architecture, design, art or in general. He is also affiliate member of the Design Institute of Australia to continue his professional development. He is always happy to give back and share the knowledge that he has gained to others for them to create a better quality of contemporary living experience.




We believe architecture can bring a connection between the present and the past. Architecture is simply what you make it. This is achieved through a process of close ongoing dialogue, collaboration, information analysis and application of instinct and insight.

Our studio's extensive research and analysis of each project ensure a unique and appropriate approach that fascinates and inspires, from concept design through finely crafted detail.

The coalescence between the collaboration of ideas, keen design objectives, communication and strong management skills contributes to our success in our design either in architecture, interior and our other design areas.